Diploma in Marketing

By: IQN Date: 30.10.2017

Marketing is all about building brand loyalty and a lasting business – in fact, today’s most successful companies are focused on consumers. With the IQN diploma in marketing, you will understand how to create and deliver customer-driven strategies

By understanding the business world and what shapes your audience’s attitudes, behaviour and decisions, you will have what it takes to successfully satisfy market needs.

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Reasons to Join
* There are no formal entry requirements. The diploma programme is available to everyone!
* The unique opportunity of free online registration as IQN student.
* The privilege to access free HRM course book and practice questions.
* The opportunity to earn an affordable qualification recognised in UK framework.
* The prospect of career enhancement through a diploma that is benchmarked against EQF.


Hifzur Rashid

Reply Posted on Jun 1, 2017 /

Getting an International diploma in a short period of time is the very attractive part of this program