International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) Concept is a global computer literacy initiative developed to raise the level of knowledge about Information Technology (IT) and increase the level of competence in using personal computers and common computer applications for all the citizens of the world.

ICDL is an information technology certificate for all citizens.Today, computer skills are increasingly important to people in all walks of life. It is intended for those who need to, or wish to, know how to use a personal computer. It is suitable for people from every work discipline, for people entering the job market, and for all ages.

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International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL)

International Computer Driving License is an international digital literacy qualification. ICDL is used as yardstick to measure your ability to competently use a digital device like a computer, laptop, etc. Based on the track incorporating the current digital trends, ICDL is ideal for persons starting their career journey and wish to portray digital skills in their CV. It is also ideal for mature candidates who are looking at enhancing their digital skills. Flexible class hours, certified trainers, extended practice time and an authorized exam center are some of the services you will enjoy at our ICDL center.

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Benefits of ICDL

The ability to use a computer effectively is now an essential life skill. Digital skills enable people of all ages to understand and use technology to improve their personal and professional lives.

ICDL Certification can help your professional life by making you more attractive to employers, while increasing your ability to communicate and access information and services in your personal life.

Key benefits include:

  • > High-quality computer skils
  • > Communicate, connect and interact with others online
  • > Access a range of information and services that can save you time and simplify your life
  • > Increase your confidence, motivation and career potential

ICDL is the first attempt to recognize the computer competency individuals, and is open to anyone regardless of age, education, experience or background. In the information society, computer literacy is a skill for life -- computer use is an essential skill.




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