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Certified Public Accountants and CPA are the premier international accountancy qualifications; there are more CPAs in the world than any other type of accountant.

Becoming a CPA is an investment in your future. However, this investment doesn't come without some expenses. There are several costs to consider as you work towards your CPA certification. To keep expenses manageable, practice thoughtful scheduling and diligent preparation.

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CPA (Certified Public Accountants)

With global business a fact of life and multinational corporations present in every sector, the initials CPA behind your name, can help you revamp your career and scale new heights.The CPA Course combines rigorous methodology, all-inclusive content and over 100 hours of expert instruction to ensure students are fully prepared on exam day an integrated approach that maximizes your study - giving you the greatest chance of passing. Almost all accounting firms and MNCs with an international presence require CPA's . There is an increasing demand for accounting professionals with expertise in US GAAP, IFRS, as well as know-how on foreign, compliance, regulatory and legal issues.

The roles of CPAs are as diverse and interesting as the individuals holding this designation. What you do as a CPA depends on your professional goals and areas of interest – the choice is yours!For the fastest and broadest exposure to a variety of businesses, most CPAs begin their careers in public accounting. After building a strong foundation, CPAs often move into corporate positions as they advance in their careers. Some may pursue opportunities with governmental and not-for-profit entities.

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>Job opportunities for CPA’s exist all over the world.
>Global in design and outlook
>Rigorous broad based intensive self-study graduate level program.
> International recognition and competitive advantage in job market
>Rigorous broad based intensive self-study graduate level program.
>Solid knowledge base and skill sets
>Respect and Credibility




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